Source Sans Pro Italic A

over 6 years ago from Sam Solomon, Product Designer at SalesLoft

  • Caleb SylvestCaleb Sylvest, over 6 years ago

    Do you mean the capital "A" or lowercase "a"?

    Note that there are two types of lowercase "a" glyphs, one is the typical circle with a stem that you most likely write, the other is the double-story, or double-decker style, that many typefaces use (including Source Sans). When a typeface is italicized the proper method for double-story "a" characters to use the single-story circle method.

    If you ever see an italicized double-story "a" then you know it is a fake italic, or faux-italic, and is something you should really avoid. Most people won't notice or care, but people who care about typography will.

    Check out this for a little more info:

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