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9 years ago from Timothy Achumba, Designer at Wunderlist

  • Timothy AchumbaTimothy Achumba, 9 years ago

    Thanks Cat, you have a really great point about game design. It's hard to find the problem they solve, if any. I think there is always space for enjoyment in life, things that solely bring joy and happiness.

    I'd class myself as a gamer. I love games, I peruse the app store almost daily for the latest. I think games can and often do add value to us. They tell beautiful and larger than life stories, they challenge us mentally and also connect us to people you would otherwise have no contact with.

    People do find meaning in very different things but I think collectively we want to see each other become the best we can be. This means if a game designer gets to grow (as a person) as a result of designing games I think thats good enough reason for games to exist.

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