A challenge to all DN users

5 years ago from Shane Boland, front-end design/shopify optimization

  • Sam GoldSam Gold, 5 years ago

    I can hear what you're saying, and in fact that is a common division among women, one that divides the community even further. I went to the Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing last year and found that some of my female coworkers felt that the conference just propagated the issue--that even having a conference in the first place to support women suggests that women need that support. However, I've been to conferences where I'm maybe one of five or six women TOTAL, and even though it seems like that might not have any impact studies (and my personal experience) show that it really does (these are a quick google away so I won't clog this with links). The issue is insidious and therefore very easy to miss, but it really does exist. I don't like to think of being a woman as a 'disadvantage' and i don't really think the initial post said that, but being a woman makes certain things more challenging, and the problem doesn't seem to be in having competent ideas it's in having them heard:


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