A challenge to all DN users

6 years ago from Shane Boland, front-end design/shopify optimization

  • Matt SoriaMatt Soria, 6 years ago

    Anna, no problem! You're absolutely right — equality issues are important and impact everyone in the community, not just those who feel they are the victims of inequality. More than anything, this place is valuable because it is open and welcoming to all, and besides the fact that the exclusion of women and the fostering of a welcoming environment for them in a community (especially an online, comment-based community) is a big issue at large, it bothers me so much as well that so many people seem to be pushing back against someone who thought they had an idea that might make the community a better place. If the posting of an idea that you think would strengthen DN is unwelcome by so many then what message does that send to people? What message does it send to everyone, but especially people who are already unsure if they are welcome or not? Yikes!

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