A challenge to all DN users

almost 5 years ago from Shane Boland, front-end design/shopify optimization

  • Surat Hat YaiSurat Hat Yai, almost 5 years ago

    No. He got the point better than you did. DN is not something compulsory. If females don't sign up that doesn't mean we're all misogynists. They'll sign up when they'll sign up. We don't have to invite more people of "a category" just because the category exists. What's next? African cross-gender designers living in Eastern Europe?

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    • Matt SoriaMatt Soria, almost 5 years ago

      Well apparently we all think we get the point and everyone else doesn't , haha, but I think you're missing it in the same way as Paul. The poster didn't make any suggestions to say we're all a bunch of misogynists because of the way the stats look here, but simply offered up a really quite friendly and non-accusational way that we might be able to help gain some community members that seem to be under-represented currently. The poster never suggested it was your fault or my fault, or even DN's fault that the numbers are the way they are, the poster just suggested a way in which we could help round out and strengthen our community. If you felt accused by the post then I think you too might have missed the point, or maybe misread it.

      I think the more diverse the group of people contributing to DN the better it will be — having access to perspectives from people of different backgrounds and experiences than our own is literally the number one by a long shot reason any of us choose to participate in a community forum like this (otherwise I'd just belong to Matt Soria news and you'd just belong to Surat Hat Yai news), so I'd love there to be more African cross-gender designers living in Eastern Europe, but the fact remains that this community is very disproportionately male, and this particular person was kind and brave enough to point that out and make an unassuming suggestion that might help even out that disproportion, and based on your comment and many others that have been made, it seems like these types of suggestions that aim to strengthen and broaden our community, aren't welcome by many here — that's not any kind of community I'd want to be a part of!

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