Ask DN: (how) do you use Slack?

almost 9 years ago from Daniël van der Winden, digital dingus at Bakken & Bæck

  • Didier ForestDidier Forest, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    Here is how it works at eFounders. We’re a startup studio, which means we have one team, working with the teams of each startup we build. All together, we form “The Network”.

    Each startup has 3 rooms:

    • a room for them to discuss their daily-job;

    • a public room so that anyone within The Network can talk to the company directly (to report bugs, to send them a cool article or to ask a question);

    • a tech room (with Github integration mainly).

    For the eFounders’ team, we create temporary rooms for each internal projects, and permanent rooms for each department (design, operations, marketing…)

    We’ve opened channels for #announcement, #general, #good-music, #random (I think their names speak for themselves), that are open only to members of the Network, and one channel that we’ve opened to some outsiders to share knowledge and news: #the-network.

    We've worked a lot on integrating our daily tools to make it even more easy to use them: Trello, Hangouts, Intercom, Github. It makes it a lot easier to gather everything in one place: your communication system.

    We haven’t stopped at the basic integration, and developed a pretty cool add-on. Since most our Network is spread out throughout the world, we’ve built a virtual currency to replace “thankyous” with our own money: the Briqs. We created the Slack command “/give” that enables to give and receive briqs, that we can use on our own shops where we can get cool goodies. We published a detailed post on our blog that explains how it works.

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