Ask DN: (how) do you use Slack?

almost 9 years ago from Daniël van der Winden, digital dingus at Bakken & Bæck

  • Dan SherrattDan Sherratt, almost 9 years ago

    We have a room for each project we're on, and a room for each team to sit in.

    This way we can ask basic project questions in relevant rooms (such as - 'is there a new build today?' or 'do we have this asset at 3x?)

    Then more team-based questions we can ask in team rooms (such as 'is this possible in HTML5?' or 'can you change map colour in the Google Maps API?')

    We also have 'random' rooms for chat and link sharing.

    These are separate to things like Trello, more just an open conversation for quick fire questions rather than full updates.

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