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Feature Requests: Let's talk about Designer News.

from Allan Grinshtein, Founder at LayerVault

  • Dennis Kramer Dennis Kramer, over 3 years ago

    Maybe searching, tagging, or filtering of posts?

    Also, ability to bookmark to read later or for future reference could be really handy.

    • David Browning David Browning, over 3 years ago

      +1 on searching, at least by post title.

      • Steven Newman Steven Newman, over 3 years ago

        +2 on searching

      • &! (bitandbang) &! (bitandbang), 3 years ago

        +7 on searching, and +1 on bookmarking.

        • Lane Yu Lane Yu, almost 2 years ago

          +2 on bookmarking :)

    • Zach Wilkinson Zach Wilkinson, 3 years ago

      ++++ that'd be awesome!

    • Jibran Kutik Jibran Kutik, over 3 years ago

      +1 to search and favoriting!!

    • Account deleted over 3 years ago

      +1 on searching & tagging

    • Max Schultz Max Schultz, 3 years ago

      Another +1 for search so that I feel confident I'm not posting a dupe.

    • Brendan Saunders Brendan Saunders, 3 years ago

      +another for searching.

    • Kyle A Kyle A , 3 years ago

      +1 for searching and adding posts to custom "buckets" for reference later.

    • Stephanie Walter Stephanie Walter, 3 years ago

      Another point for a search option, maybe by categories or tags something like that ?

    • Toni Gemayel Toni Gemayel, 3 years ago

      If DN can offer an API, I will build a search client

    • Marc Edwards Marc Edwards, almost 3 years ago

      +8 on search. Google can be used with site:, but a nicely themed search that's integrated into the site would be even better.

    • Anthony Dines Anthony Dines, almost 3 years ago

      +++++ (I lost count) hell yes to searching please!

    • Alaxic Smith Alaxic Smith, almost 3 years ago

      search would be badass. we need it asap.

    • Francine Lee, over 2 years ago

      yes! good 'ol search bar would be handy, assuming DN maintains an archive. helpful to read existing answers to questions (ex. i just google searched for grid recommendations/advice)

    • Jordan Koschei Jordan Koschei, over 2 years ago

      Search, definitely.

    • Josh  Austin Josh Austin, over 2 years ago

      Yup. Search +++

    • Aaron Larner Aaron Larner, over 2 years ago
    • Dita A S Dita A S, over 2 years ago

      +1 for the ability to bookmark

    • Ryan Hicks, 2 years ago (edited 2 years ago )

      +1 for bookmarking/read later

    • Kevin Rabinovich Kevin Rabinovich, 2 years ago (edited 2 years ago )

      +1 for bookmarking.

    • Tom Durkin Tom Durkin, almost 2 years ago