• John MaedaJohn Maeda, 8 years ago

    Hello Taurean, this is my last question. Apologies to many of you who have written questions below.

    I suggest you read three books by John W Gardner: "On Leadership," "Self-Renewal," and "Excellence" -- which I know all sound like suuuuuuper boring titles. But they are truly thoughtful books. They hit me the same way that Paul Rand's books hit me. They are about the world of people; and the way that people work with each other, and don't. They touch upon an era decades ago, which surprisingly fits everything that fits our current century and decade. I guess what you find out in the end, that surprised myself, is that we aren't that different from how we used to be. Yes we are mobile-d up and all that good stuff, but we still are the same human beings. We hurt the same way. We love the same way. We are inspired the same way. We do this all through interactions with others. And making a company is about leading people to get on board with your vision; and for you as a leader to lead their vision too. So I suggest you check out Gardner's work. It didn't make sense to me the first few times I touched upon it, but at certain critical times, everything he wrote made absolute sense to me. And I treasure those learnings he left for all of us.

    Thanks to LayerVault for hosting me here! JM

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