• Matt ScorteMatt Scorte, 8 years ago

    Hello John! Thanks for being hear. I too have a college/ education question.

    My current college is not challenging me as much as I would like. I only have a year left and transferring would push back my graduation date and would put me in more student debt.

    As someone who was president of one of the best design schools in the nation, how important would you say the school you graduate from is? Also, how important is a masters degree in a field like design or even development? Would real world experience, portfolio, and self initiated learning be more important?

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    • John MaedaJohn Maeda, 8 years ago

      Good question, Matt. And I have 5 minutes left before I have to leave. This might be my last question.

      Sorry to hear that about your student debt. I agree with how you look at your matter financially right now -- finishing your degree with one year left is a good idea, and the least expensive route is a good way to calculate your path forward. Don't forget that life is a long game. A really long game. So you can always learn later.

      Regarding going to graduate school, if you are going into the digital space it does not make sense for you to go undergrad and directly into grad. It's better if you spend few years in industry. Develop a sense of yourself outside of college/university. Find yourself as the person that college/university made, and who industry has made into a reality. At that point, choose what program you want to enter. You'll know exactly what you want to do because you've lived life a bit. It's the best return on investment in my mind. And to your point, it may not have to be a master's degree somewhere. There's lots of amazing options out there for learning. Keep an open mind. And count on living a long life. We'll be learning all our lives now.

      I spend most of my time trying to keep up with the world -- trying to learn what I can. And to take courses from time to time. We can always learn to become better. That's what my life has taught me thus far. And our options for learning are more diverse than ever before today.

      Good luck, Matt!

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