900dpi: Hey Designer, Add a CMS to Any Website Easily!(noupe.com)

almost 6 years ago from David Kizler, UI/UX Designer

  • Dave SniderDave Snider, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    Full disclosure... I built it.



    1. Builds static sites, but still has a live CMS for clients.
    2. Drag and drop form-building.
    3. Cheap, $9 a month. Open source free version as well.
    4. Real time CMS with a JSON / firebase backend.
    5. No backend coding layer, it's just template code.

    Negatives vs. heavier CMS

    1. No user login outside of the CMS.
    2. It's static, so things like search and forms on the frontend you'll need to do with Javascript.
    3. You can't touch your nginx / apache layer. We support 301 redirects through the CMS, but that's it.
    4. We're targeted at content serving websites. If you want to do user communities or something, we're not gonna be a good choice.

    Other smaller CMS solutions you might like other than us.

    Believe these are all PHP solutions, we're Node. They price per site, vs. our monthly plans and are targeted more towards self-hosting on your end. Generally I'd say all of them require more configuration / learning curve to get going but they are all nice in their own ways.

    1. Craft CMS https://buildwithcraft.com/
    2. Statamic http://statamic.com/
    3. Siteleaf http://www.siteleaf.com/
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