Ask DN: What do you *love* about iOS7?

over 8 years ago from Connor Tomas O'Brien, Co-founder at Tomely

  • Anthony DinesAnthony Dines, over 8 years ago
    • The click states of the buttons in the calculator app. So smooth and the buttons are big enough that you see the animation around your finger.
    • The level app within the Compass app. It's just a work beautiful minimalism.
    • Tapping on the station buttons in the Music app (stack of covers/records).... how they have a subtle rippling bounce.
    • In Messages, how as you scroll up and down, the chat bubbles have a springiness to them.
    • The lock screen arrangement of buttons as well as their click state.
    • The new buttons in the App Store when downloading, how it turns from a button into a progress indicator
    • iTunes Radio is shockingly always giving me the best music when I put it on nearly any radio station that I choose.
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