Ask DN: What is your current wallpaper ?

almost 8 years ago from William Bout, Designer & Developer

  • Damien ErambertDamien Erambert, almost 8 years ago

    Some questions because I'm curious:

    • How do you do the HUD in the top left corner ? GeekTool ?
    • Where didyou get your icons for Reeder and stacks ? They look slick
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    • Ivan DrinchevIvan Drinchev, almost 8 years ago


      So about the HUD it's kinda in-house Fitbit tool that is projected on the desktop using Übersicht .

      It's a very powerful tool that you can project HTML + CSS on your desktop.

      About the icons. Some of them are Dots icons, some of them are replacement icons made for yosemite, like Reeder Yosemite Icon.

      I also took Yosemite Icon template which gives me the ability to just put a logo of any app I want and make it an icon.

      That's how I made my Projects and Downloads folders.

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      • Damien ErambertDamien Erambert, almost 8 years ago

        Man, Übersicht look super interesting, like GeekTool that I would actually wanna use and make widgets for, thanks for the tip!

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