almost 7 years ago from Andrea Cervellin, Founder at cappuccinoatwork

  • Mike Johnson, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Love the interface's look and feel. Some requests after experimenting for 30 minutes:

    • Support for single-page websites. You can only populate the header bloc nav links by creating new pages. Perhaps make nav links bricks and allow adding adjacent bricks to populate the nav links? I just want hyperlinks that jump down the page.
    • Would love a header bloc that is solely nav links centered in the bloc. No company text. Sometimes I design single-page sites where the first body bloc contains the company logo front and center.
    • Basic JavaScript support, at least to start. Let me give bricks/blocs IDs/classes, and allow me to include JavaScript files that are loaded before the body tag close. I'm not asking for a built-in text editor, I'll write my JavaScript in ST3, but let me include the files in my Blocs project. I might suggest the same thing for external CSS files.
    • CSS animations.
    • SVG files as supported file type for the image brick.
    • Preview in browser.

    Currently I would only use Blocs for prototyping. I mean, I could use the export HTML/CSS of Blocs as a base for my project and create the rest in my editors of choice, but I would never be able to go back to Blocs because the ".bloc" file would be outdated (I had this problem with Macaw too). How I would like to use Blocs is to fully develop simple static websites (mostly single-page) from start to finish. The only thing I want to use a text editor for is external CSS/JS files that I can include into my site from within Blocs.

    Great start nonetheless!

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