almost 7 years ago from Andrea Cervellin, Founder at cappuccinoatwork

  • Stephen Thomas, almost 7 years ago

    Was about to purchase a copy when I read the terms and conditions:

    "Once activated the software will run offline but will be required to connect to our servers at least once every 30 days."

    That means, of course, that the app becomes useless if the company goes out of business.

    No thanks.

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    • Taron GhazaryanTaron Ghazaryan, almost 7 years ago

      If an app gets abandoned, you should probably start looking for other solutions. In any case, releasing an update that disables that feature would be the responsible thing to do.

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      • Stephen Thomas, almost 7 years ago

        True enough on both points. But if the app is abandoned after I've built several web sites, I might still wish to maintain those web sites. And indeed it would be responsible to disable the "feature" before going dark, but we have no assurance that the developers would do so.

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