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    Use - or – not underscores as they are much harder to see in a single line and can be mistaken for underline :-)

    I don't put dates in my project names, the operating system does that, but sometimes I'll put like summer 2014.

    The biggest thing I've learned is to spend less time formatting file names, and just nesting things in folders instead. That way you can have very easy to understand file names.

    Compare this: ios-FTUE-sparsestyle-2014.sketch

    to this: design ƒ > mobile ƒ > first time user experience ƒ > sparse style ƒ > primary white.sketch

    I much prefer nested folder version. Works much better for all the designers on our team. Now the file name can be very human and descriptive. It's not a big deal for the 3-4 times we actually share it with a client either.

    Make sure the names are very human and not computer like, otherwise what's the point?

    Pro Tip: Yosemite has great batch file renaming built into the finder.

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