lesser of two evils: @import vs large stylesheet

over 6 years ago from Daniel Ypsilanti, Graphic Designer at UF

  • Daniel Ypsilanti, over 6 years ago

    Marc - I was thinking of doing some kind of file structure similar to that. Currently I use SCSS when writing the styles locally, compile/minfy it and then copy and paste it into the stylesheet. Not sure if the server is setup to generate CSS from SCSS, or even if it would be set-up to if I requested it. Since this LMS is fairly new I think that the administration is hesitant to make any kind of change, I’m lucky that I have access to the single CSS file :/

    Daniel - The style sheet is so large because in order to have styles for a particular course there needs to be a specific class (.context-course_”uniqueCourseID”) pointing each style to each course. This also makes sure that each template (one for undergrad and one for grad) goes to the appropriate course. Times that by 30+ and it gets to be unwieldy. My job has been a bit of a trial by fire so now that things are calmed down I’m working to optimize this CSS, both for me to update and maintain and for load times for students.

    James - loadCSS is exactly what I need! Eventually they’ll give me access to the javascript file too :/

    Thanks for your advice everybody!

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