AMA: I’m Mig Reyes, a designer at Basecamp.

over 4 years ago from Mig Reyes, Exploring art, technology and design at Basecamp.

  • Kelly SuttonKelly Sutton, over 4 years ago

    Hi Mig,

    Thanks for stopping by. Here's my question :

    What do you think are the biggest challenges for a web designer today?


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    • Mig ReyesMig Reyes, over 4 years ago


      What a tough question. Some challenges we face:

      • Staying relevant in a growing industry
      • Keeping up-to-date on ever-changing technology
      • Wondering where we go next

      This is all so new to us, and I think it always will be. We should worry when we start to feel complacent with the things we’re doing. And that’s a blessing and a challenge.

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