Quarto - New Hoefler font family.(typography.com)

over 5 years ago from David Hoogland, Founder / Designer Moonbase Co.

  • Joel CalifaJoel Califa, over 5 years ago

    I'll never buy a Hoefler font, but this is beautiful.

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    • Taurean BryantTaurean Bryant, over 5 years ago


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      • Account deleted over 5 years ago

        I'm guessing because of the Frere-Jones stuff, but could be wrong.

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    • Daniel SpronkDaniel Spronk, over 5 years ago

      Same here. We used H&J quite a lot but I briefed our designers to stop using H&J. I spent a couple of hours reading the drama and it makes me sick to the stomach.

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      • David HooglandDavid Hoogland, over 5 years ago

        So, I read that they came to an agreement recently. Does that mean you would use their fonts again? Just out of curiosity are there any other services you don't use because of things that people did?

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