Ask DN: Let's talk about Git

over 8 years ago from Daniel Fosco, UX Designer

  • Suleiman Leadbitter, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    To answer your questions:

    • Do you use/don't use a GUI client for it?
      • I mostly do use a Git client I used to use Gitbox which had a similar feel to Finder but it just kept crashing with newer OS X releases, after that I started using Sourcetree and haven't looked back.
    • Do you think it's worth it for small projects?
      • Aways, it's the rolling back, checking code, having projects backed up ( I use Bitbucket ), sharing, branching with new ideas. It's just an ideal scenario.
    • Do you think it's for everyone?
      • Yes, I honestly do. Having the ability to have different save states whether it's code, images, psd, svg, etc, etc. Also being able to branch off with an idea and if it goes all pear shaped you can just revert back also there is a freedom that allows more experimentation.
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