Ask DN: How do you track your time?

over 5 years ago from Sean Geraghty, Design @

  • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, over 5 years ago

    The times when I need to track my time I use Harvest.

    Generally though — I don't. Track my time that is.

    Work wise we mostly don't charge on an hourly basis — so it's just waste from that perspective.

    When it comes to organisation/discipline I find it much, much more effective to block out chunks of the day in my calendar for when the work happens. I know I'll be doing 17.5 hours of "work" because that's what the calendar says I'll be doing and I stick to that.

    If I find that I'm not actually working in those times I might start tracking interruptions — so I can see what they are and stop them happening — but not time.

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