Flat UI is not the only way forward(blog.maxrudberg.com)

7 years ago from Ben Taylor, Developer at Shiny Things

  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 7 years ago

    “But there are other ways to make the interface intuitive”

    Sure, but not that many. A button that doesn't look raised, doesn't look pushable.

    I'm all for experimentation and other methods, but I find the current trend of flat design elements throws out way too much important information for it to be seen as a viable style for most of the projects I work on.

    There is a nice mid-ground, where you allow yourself to use lighting, but keep everything minimal.

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    • David McGillivrayDavid McGillivray, 7 years ago

      "A button that doesn't look raised, doesn't look pushable."

      wow, OK... I'm tapping out of this conversation at this point.

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