Ask DN: How do you track your time?

5 years ago from Sean Geraghty, Design @

  • Jeff Dingwell, 5 years ago

    If you're using Adobe apps - there's nothing simpler or better (that I've found) than Creativeworx's "TimeTracker". Basically you set up a project on day one - point a project at a folder and anytime you are working on files from that project, your time is being tracked (the file need to be open and you have to be doing something in it, so leaving a file open for hours won't cause hours to be tracked).

    I've always loathed time sheets so this has been a saviour to me. Even if you are working on a project that you haven't assigned to the application, you can open a view that shows you the files that you were working on at the time - pretty useful when you're going back several weeks ago and wondering - what did I do that Monday?

    Check it out: There's a free and a paid version. Curiously, the Adobe stuff is the free version, the paid version integrates Microsoft apps. These are the apps that it tracks:

    Adobe Creative Suite (CS5+): Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign/InCopy and Flash Professional Microsoft Office (2010+): Word, Powerpoint and Excel Microsoft Exchange: Calendar

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