Ask DN: Let's talk about Git

over 8 years ago from Daniel Fosco, UX Designer

  • Drew AlbinsonDrew Albinson, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Do you use/don't use a GUI client for it? Yes, I use the GitHub GUI client a lot, I do drop into the CLI once in a while and am looking to transition over entirely because I keep reading that it's the way to go.

    Do you think it's worth it for small projects? Yes, it's not hard to get set up and is incredible to have access to your old/current code at any place and time. Plus GitHub pages are a great place to get things started without messing with any hosting or DNS.

    Do you think it's for everyone? Anyone who touches web should familiarize themselves with Git immediately. It's always important to be able to understand how your collaborators work, and even if you don't do any dev work, getting a grasp on Git will make you more valuable and more appreciated by your devs.

    I use Git for all of my personal/freelance web work and am looking to move my work projects over as well. The only reason why I haven't already done so is that I haven't bought an account and would need private repos for work (and don't care for personal).

    I just got started with GitHub pages and am going to start building on that as much as I can. I'm really intrigued by their support for .PSD and may see how I can integrate that into my workflow as well. I'm still very much a beginner and have a bunch of reading left to do before I'll feel completely comfortable with Git, but I see it as important, invaluable, and a web workflow standard.

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