Ask DN: How do you track your time?

over 5 years ago from Sean Geraghty, Design @

  • Benjamin Mikiten, over 5 years ago

    Todoist + IFTTT + Google Calendar.

    Whenever I complete a job in Todoist, IFTTT makes a google calendar event for me, then I can infer how long whatever I did took me.

    All I really need to be doing is making sure that everything I work on in the week gets billed within maybe a half hour.

    For the past few years I've been relying on memory and my flagged/sent email folders, but when that failed, a lot of things didn't get recorded.

    As a developer, I hop around a lot, usually because people are coming to my desk and asking me to fix THEIR ISSUE RIGHT NOW, whereas new jobs are submitted to me via email and I can keep a good record of them. These verbal jobs tend to fall to the wayside, especially when I'm slammed on another project and I have 2% bandwidth for this new thing.

    Incentive to put things into a list -> instant time tracking.

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