Ask DN: How do you track your time?

5 years ago from Sean Geraghty, Design @

  • James LaCroixJames LaCroix, 5 years ago

    A large majority of our work is priced by project, but we also do a fair amount of hourly or weekly work. For both types of projects, we use Harvest for tracking all of our time. For both client and most internal projects, we use the chrome extension to track time directly from tasks in Trello. This way, we can better assess the time required for types of tasks.

    As of late, I've found it helpful to track non-billable time as well. For example, I've begun tracking time spent meeting with potential clients and writing for our site.

    This helps to gain a better perspective on how my day, week or month was utilized. Quite often this will point out areas of inefficiency. Or, in the example of meeting or calls with potential clients, it provides a better representation of the time investment require to onboard new clients. This in turn helps us to better price projects going forward.

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    • Taylor Van OrdenTaylor Van Orden, 5 years ago


      So glad to know I'm not the only weirdo who uses Harvest to track ALL my time - especially unbillable or new client hours. It's so interesting to see what time went where week to week.

      I have my personal time as a separate client with projects and sometimes I create an invoice for my drunk / hungover time just to feel shitty about myself and get my ass in gear.

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