Ask DN: Let's talk about Git

over 8 years ago from Daniel Fosco, UX Designer

  • Al Hertz, over 8 years ago

    Git is definetely for everyone (out of necessity that it be) and using clients like are a great way to get started with the core workflows.

    Anyone working on digital products should be familiar with (and using) some sort of version control no matter what size/scope the project has. Since git is the most commonly used, it makes sense to recommend it.

    As for GUIs, I think we all should be getting into the command line as soon as possible but using a GUI is a good way to get familiar with the value of git as a whole before jumping into the fire. In my experience, the majority of people who will be teaching new comers to git will likely be able to help the most with the command line so it makes sense to aspire to get there as soon as possible (since that is where advice will be most valuable). There also a whole bunch of fun ways to customize your commands and command line :)

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