• Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 6 years ago

    Trello: for general project/business management stuff.

    Harvest: for invoicing.

    (In the dim and distant past we also used Harvest for time sheets, but we don't really charge stuff by the hour any more so that's redundant.)

    Google docs: for our internal documents

    (we have a copy of Office 365, but it's really only used to deal with documents coming in from outside the company).

    Dropbox / Google Drive: File sharing

    OS X Screen Sharing: for screen sharing

    (used to use ScreenHero, which is very nice, but we don't really use it enough for it to be worth the low-end pricing tier)

    Google Calendar: for shared calendars

    (although we mostly use it via the OS X Calendar app)

    PayPal: for some client payments, USA folk mostly

    1password: Password management

    pinboard.in: Link sharing

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