Blocs - first look of a web design Mac app(

over 5 years ago from Jan Cantor, Designer

  • John SavageJohn Savage, over 5 years ago

    Thanks for the clarification. The "scummy" remark was more because I thought you were subscribing us to some unrelated UI website's newsletter that might mention your product when it's released. (Although, what you're describing doesn't sound too far off).

    WYSIWYG responsive-HTML editors are becoming a dime a dozen (Macaw, Webflow, SquareSpace, etc.), so I hope you understand that when there's very little information available about the author or company behind a product video, it becomes suspicious.

    Your website doesn't help either.

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    • Norm Sheeran, over 5 years ago

      It's a product news mailing list. I've built lot's of tools and issue news about updates and upcoming projects, Blocs is one of those projects/tools so it would obviously be mentioned at some point, not sure why you would regard that as a scummy tactic?

      Anyway I've added a dedicated mailing list, so less of referring to my hard work as scummy ;)

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      • John SavageJohn Savage, over 5 years ago (edited over 5 years ago )

        I'm not nor wasn't referring to your work as scummy so please stop interpreting it as that.

        Here's the mental breakdown:

        1. Watched video. Very impressed.
        2. Saw long URL that subscribes you to release notifications. Clicked it.
        3. Got a confirmation email for something called "UI Parade." Was expecting an email subscription to "Blocs Releases" or something akin.
        4. Checked out UI Parade, saw that it was some kind of UI patterns collection site (I have enough of those in my bookmarks).
        5. Little information about Vimeo's "Norm" or the author/company behind UI Parade led me to believe this was unrelated email subscription and a "scuumy" way to get people into a spam trap from a UI design site.

        I have enough spam as it is. For future reference, product notification subscription links should only include information on that product, it's not nice to subscribe people to other things when that's not their intent.

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        • Norm Sheeran, over 5 years ago

          Ok no worries. I wasn't expecting the video to get much traction so it was a bit of a rush job adding the subscribe link in the first place. I actually forgot it was on the vimeo page I thought you were referring to the Blocsapp page. Anyway, point taken and all fixed :)

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