So I finally made a portfolio website I'm proud of...(

7 years ago from James Rosenthal, Front End Dev./Designer

  • James RosenthalJames Rosenthal, 7 years ago

    Thanks for noticing. You're totally right, and I've changed it to have nothing selected by default. Looking at it again, I should have a more clear UI for the filtering.

    A fresh pair of eyes is a great thing to have!

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    • Tierney CyrenTierney Cyren, 7 years ago

      Happy to help.

      Something further: I feel your site is a bit content-light. The only real content is your portfolio images, which is great, but you could have more information about yourself. Basically, you should tell potential clients why they should hire you. Yes, you use HTML, CSS, SASS, etc., but why should they hire you to use those tools for them? Why should they pick you to design their logo for them over someone else who is cheaper or a service like Fivrr? Or why would they choose you to design for them instead of using a competitor or a template?

      Also, could you capitalize the s in Javascript? JavaScript is the proper name of it.

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