• Paul DessertPaul Dessert, over 6 years ago

    For a font-end job? No. Front end code is executed in the browser. If I want to look at your code "View page source". Done. Or, www.yoursite.com/css/style.css or whatever...

    Now, with that said, some companies ask for it. If you want to work for them you might need to set one up.

    In my opinion, front end code can easily be discovered and inspected by someone that knows what they're looking for. If that person does not know how to do that, I'd question working for the company.

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    • Patrick SmithPatrick Smith, over 6 years ago

      A lot off CSS and JS these days is minified, preventing view source being a nice experience, even if it prettified later.

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      • Paul DessertPaul Dessert, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

        Agreed, there will be those cases. For those, the hiring manager can still get a good sense of design style just by visiting the site. Then, if they are still interested, they can request code samples.

        But, I'd argue against your statement that, "a lot" of code is minified. After visiting your site, I only see one example that is minified. ;)

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    • Mike JohnsonMike Johnson, over 6 years ago

      Not only should this code be minified, but JavaScript MVC frameworks are getting popular too. You're not going to be able to make sense of an entire Angular or Backbone site by viewing page source. Plus you're not going to see dependency management or task runner tools that the dev is using.

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