New MIT Media Lab identity by Pentagram(

over 6 years ago from João Alfaiate, Product Designer at Enough Pepper

  • Eric HuEric Hu, over 6 years ago

    Old one was better

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    • Jason YehJason Yeh, over 6 years ago

      +1 Eric

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    • Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, over 6 years ago


      Don't get me wrong I like the old generative logo, but — is it really fit for purpose?

      How you do you supply the logo to somebody else when requested? How does it deal with the sub-brands of the different departments? How do you deal with the general public not recognising different instances as "the same logo"?

      Also, as much as I liked the generative one, it worked quite poorly at small sizes IMHO, and really sucked when pushed into B&W.

      As a piece of art, and as an interesting experiment I like the old generative one.

      As a piece of design fit for purpose — I much prefer the new one.

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