How Bad UX Killed Jenny(

almost 6 years ago from Jonathan Shariat, Designer @ Google | Author @ O'Reilly | Podcaster @ DesignReview

  • Juan VelascoJuan Velasco, almost 6 years ago

    I must start by saying that the title feels a bit sensationalist. I know you probably didn't mean it that way, so I'd rather focus on the topic you're talking about, which is of prime importance.

    I find it very frustrating that the most critical systems are usually the ones with the poorest design: health, air & space, online banks and ATMs, cars are all areas where the UX seems to be traditionally in hands of engineers. I'm not going to blame engineers for situations like the one you describe, but I've had some experience trying to be the UX guy in teams and big organizations that are led by engineers and could say that in most cases the main concern for them is to make the things work.

    Things like CapitalOne acquiring Adaptive Path seems to be a good first step to change this paradigm, but of course, that's only one case.

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    • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, almost 6 years ago

      Hey Juan, I feel you on the title. I went back and forth a lot last night with it. I didn't want it to come off that way but considering my emotions and the story, I felt it was direct. I felt that it honored what happened to her. The UX of that system failed the nurses, it failed Jenny, and there is really no excuse for it.

      I really hope you're right, I hope a shift can happen and more companies bring in Design as a core value of everything they do and back it up with a VP role and actions.

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      • Juan VelascoJuan Velasco, almost 6 years ago

        Couldn't agree more. Those screens you shared gave me anxiety. Thinking of someone in my family in hands of systems like that worries me a lot

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