• Aayush IyerAayush Iyer, over 6 years ago

    Mixpanel is solid for mobile since the event engine is pretty robust. They also launched a pretty solid multi-variate testing tool which can allow for some level of flexibility if you’re developing for iOS (only for now).

    Also, it can serve as a midway point to do conditional communications with users (Email / SMS / Push) till you can afford/ have the time to implement something like Intercom.

    Hope that helps! I’m happy to chat if you have questions about Mixpanel (I don’t work for them, but struggled with the same questions that you had)

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    • Ruskin Landreth, over 6 years ago

      +1 on Mixpanel

      Our Google reps have recommended we continue to integrate more advanced mobile analytics options (Mixpanel, Flurry, etc.) until Google themselves get to a point where they can offer the same level of service.

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