Any recs on rapid prototyping tools?

over 6 years ago from Courtney Markham, User Experience Designer

  • Jason FrasierJason Frasier, over 6 years ago

    There are a whole slew of them...

    InVision — A lot of good features, good cust. service as well — They tout themselves as flexible as an image editor, but writes semantic HTML and succinct CSS — Another Drag and Drop style site for creating professional responsive websites

    Adobe Muse — A turn-key solution for creating and hosting websites

    Adobe Reflow — Dedicated app to create responsive websites, meant for “designers to share their responsive design intent

    Google Web Designer — Originally meant for creating engaging HTML5 ads, GWD can also be used to create sites with the of ease of a Drag and Drop style editor

    Others... Pixate - Mobile Prototyping(still in beta I think) Flinto - Mobile Prototyping – (also still in beta)

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