Qhuery: A 3600 Media Query Colour Picker(qhuery.com)

9 years ago from Sam Morris, Designer at The Guardian

  • J VJ V, 9 years ago

    I'm seriously starting to hate the design community for comments like yours. The snotty-ness of the comment section is simply unbearable. Do you guys do something else but throwing under the bus any single idea without zero reasoning?

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    • Ben TinsleyBen Tinsley, 9 years ago

      i think you are extrapolating more from my comment than is actually there. it is definitely a cool idea, and more of an exercise in working with media queries than it is an actual useful tool to pick a color palette or find out what a hex value's color equals.

      there are other color pickers out there that do a much better job than this for the actual task they mean to accomplish. this is a good portfolio piece, but not a good color picker.

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    • Andrew LeeAndrew Lee, 9 years ago

      Hey, relax. People are allowed to have opinions.

      It is cool that it exists and someone took the time to make it, but it is a technical experiment at best. It isn't useful to pick colors as it stands now.

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