I'm turning into a copywriter. Are you?

9 years ago from Lara Schenck, Designer & Front-end Developer

  • Lara SchenckLara Schenck, 9 years ago

    Good point - that's kind of what I'm afraid of. I'm a one-woman shop, so I'm the one that fixes the bad copy. I mean, I'm not horrible at it but it's definitely out of my comfort zone.

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    • Erik LarssonErik Larsson, 9 years ago

      In your next project, try explaining to your client that you noticed that the copy they're providing is subpar and will most probably harm the business goals that you set when the project started.

      Explain that you will be happy to help them with the copy as well (because with every project you will get better at it) but that they will need to pay for it.

      I see three outcomes from this: * Your client goes back to their typewriter and prepares better copy * Your client asks you to write = you make more money. If you're a one-man show (which it sounds like you are) then I bet any money is welcome money * Don't touch the copy. This is tricky because you don't want to present bad work, but at the same time you're running a business. I would think about the business first.

      If you find yourself in a discussion about the copy, always connect it to the business objectives of the webpage.

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