The more I understand UX design, the more pessimistic I am about the future of advertising agencies(

6 years ago from Murat Mutlu, Product Designer, co-founder of @marvelapp

  • Aaron GrandoAaron Grando, almost 6 years ago (edited almost 6 years ago )

    This is a nice read and I agree with a lot of the sentiments expressed. Where there hasn't been, there needs to be a pretty significant shift in how ideas are formed, how the ideas works, and the execution of the ideas. And yes, without that, an ad business is in danger of being rendered obsolete. But getting all that done is totally attainable and well demonstrated by the better ad shops out there today.

    I do almost completely disagree with the idea of running an ad shop like a startup, though. Startups work the way they do only because they must (the pre-seed startup grind is only palatable because of the glimmer of hope for a big payout later on). In advertising, that's a quick way to burn people out and come up with shitty ideas. Beginning with a budget doesn't necessarily mean ideas are less risky or opportunistic. It just means that risky and opportunistic ideas are given more resources to become refined and successful.

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