Beautiful ticketing app, from the team that just won an Apple Design Award(

8 years ago from Gearóid O'Rourke, Product Lead at, Organiser at

  • Kristjan Gomboc, 8 years ago

    Am I missing something here? The title says they won the Apple Design Award. Out of curiosity I went to check which other apps won it and somehow Dice is not even on the official Apple list:

    Dice is still a beautiful app that would totally deserve it! I just want to find out if there's somewhere an extended list :)

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    • Dan SherrattDan Sherratt, 8 years ago

      Dice is a company/product created from the incubator of ustwo, who won an award for Monument Valley, it's not the same team, but funded by ustwo and therefore has a certain level of gravitas.

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