What's on your SketchApp whish list?

over 6 years ago from Bart Claeys, Creative Director at Ratio, Seattle

  • Sagi ShrieberSagi Shrieber, over 6 years ago

    A way/tool that can manage and syncronize the Sketch file simultaneously as multiple designers work on it.  Sketch offers to work on large projects inside one file with the "pages" and "artboards" which are built in. Unlike photoshop where you have to work with multiple PSDs. Thats great. But when 2 designers have to work on seperate pages which are on the same .Sketch file... Well thats not possible! That means we have to do it the old photoshop way and break up a project into seperate Sketch files... But now Sketch doesnt have cross-file symbols and styles (like "synced smart objects" in PS). If I'm working on Page 3 in the document making a red square, and the other designers is working at the same time on the same document in Page 5 making a green triangle, I really need a way to sync the design file in a way to support merging our changes (as long as they dont colide). Meaning that after a full sync - we would both have a file with a red square on Page 3 and a green triangle on page 5. Hope I explained myself :) Anyways, we came to the conclusion that there is no tool that can do that. Not Layervault, not Pixelapse. And maybe Sketch has to come up with the solution for this one.

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