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  • Posted to Consider (a new email client in development), in reply to Thomas Michael Semmler , Mar 04, 2019

    Consider co-founder here.

    We're still very early and have big ambitions but I think today we are already much more than this. Among other things:

    1. We re-thread all your email to ensure a linear history in every conversation. Everyone is always replying to the person before them. We do this by splitting conversations when someone is removed from a thread. We link all these conversations together through a concept called "related conversations".

    2. We batch your email to arrive 3x a day. There have been others that have tried to do ~this as a layer on top of gmail but we're able to go deeper by owning the end-end experience. For example, digests stack when you don't open them (so if you have a busy day you don't come back to a messy inbox) and we let you easily pluck things from "your next digest" if you need it sooner.

    3. We have our own search engine. We don't use any of gmail's search functionality. This let us build a range of filtering options not possible in gmail today, like "human vs. computer" and "long conversations".

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  • Posted to Consider (a new email client in development), in reply to Ken Em , Mar 04, 2019

    Hi, Consider co-founder here, we do this!

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