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  • Posted to How Shopify was built?, Mar 30, 2015

    Hello! The link to our engineering blog is a really great resource to learn about our tech stack. We host upward of 150,000 shops, so we've got more than a few servers these days! Our core app is written in Rails, but at this point, it's a huge understatement to call it just a Rails app. Reporting for shops is built with Go and SkyDB (, and uses data from our data warehouse built with Spark and Hadoop. We sharded our database a couple years ago, and more recently we containerized Shopify so now it's running in Docker containers - you can read about all of that on the engineering blog as well.

    More relevant to the DN crowd, we recently canned our in-house Javascript MVC framework (Batman.JS) that we used for the Shopify admin in favour of a more classic Rails approach with some partial page replacement and JS binding magic on top. I wrote about the process here: Our fork of Turbolinks is called Turbograft ( - recently a lot of the Tubograft functionality has been rolled into Turbolinks though! It's really cool, it really improves the feel of the app, and does a great job at mitigating the problems we had with JS MVC.

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  • Posted to 2014 Logo Trends, Aug 01, 2014

    These reports are always so fun. I love browsing through past years' reports too. It's neat to reflect on these trends, and see which ones have and haven't held up over time.

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