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Jon Dubielzyk

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  • Posted to Milanote 2.0, Feb 10, 2020

    Looks like a wonderful update to an already great product. Congrats on the launch!

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  • Posted to Bitbucket New Design for User Dashboard , May 22, 2017

    Seems to be part of Atlassian's new unified design system. Looks and works really well :)

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  • Posted to Google is developing tools for designers, in reply to Randall Morris , Oct 26, 2016

    "Stage is being brought to you by the teams behind Pixate and Form." :)

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  • Posted to Stripe: Radar, in reply to Joe Blau , Oct 20, 2016

    I agree. The design is great, but I'm really impressed with the development of these sites too.

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  • Posted to Treehouse Techdegree, in reply to Ted McDonald , May 10, 2016

    The way I interpret their message is that you don't need a degree. You need skills. And that a degree is an incredibly costly way of getting those skills, when you could get quicker and cheaper with Treehouse.

    Just my interpretation though :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: Apple Watch Gallery, May 03, 2016

    Great website and nicely executed, though I do wish there was a direct buy button at the end of the "process". I tried clicking the watch at the end in hopes that I would be takes somewhere. Still really nice though :)

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  • Posted to Npm has given their website a small redesign, Mar 05, 2016

    My biggest issue with npms website is their search. I wish you could filter by most recently updated packages or by number of commits.

    There's a sea of bad npm packages and finding the best ones still remains hard.

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  • Posted to Slack as a Notification Center, Feb 09, 2016

    Jonnie has been publishing some really nice articles lately. I almost wish I was freelance so I could use Cushion.

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  • Posted to Shine for Reddit, in reply to Vincent Riemer , Mar 10, 2015

    Yeah. I found it to be a bit sluggish, but it's a nice start.

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  • Posted to Pixate now runs natively on Android Wear, Mar 05, 2015

    Tried it out today and it works nicely. Can't wait to test it out some more.

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