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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to Philip Lester , Jan 26, 2018

    Many thanks :D

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to James Young , Jan 26, 2018

    Yep 100% agree. Thanks for elaborating. We need to do a better job here, no doubt.

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to James Young , Jan 25, 2018

    Thanks, it's clear we need to fix this. I'll get to work. Any suggestions greatly appreciated as well.

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to Jon Myers , Jan 25, 2018

    Hey Jon,

    Appreciate the feedback. When you're right you're right :-) Absolutely need to work on clearer product positioning, there's no doubt about it. The website needs more detail. Top of our todo list. Within 24 hrs of being out in the open and got posted on designer news / hacker news and was not fully prepared for the community examination. But I love it nonetheless!

    To answer your questions: - It's a checkout solution (lives on your page but still hosted by us, so technically hosted but not as branded as the others), payment processor, and fraud solution - We'll publish more on our fraud detection very shortly

    Re: A/B test I mean we did it manually through thousands of conversations with prospective clients. And, I did it personally. So, I'm not sure what a better word for that is.

    Thanks for the good wishes and taking the time!

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to Jim Silverman , Jan 24, 2018

    A lot due to mobile, but our checkout completion rate on desktop was also over 2X.

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to Kyle Greely , Jan 24, 2018

    Its our first time being public, so we tested it out. I personally didn't expect many people to click that. Had 50+ businesses signup for demos yesterday after we launched.

    I used to run a design and dev agency -- this stuff is totally counterintuitive to me. But, we've had to adopt to our target demographics.

    Also, our old, hidden URL site, had the slanted and similar style for the last 2+ years before Stripe's redesign: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qM3lAjCdSuTPAU-R9S2THrD83ZdWjxQo/view. It's pretty consistent with our style today.

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to Matt K , Jan 24, 2018

    Platform and support -- we're not a standard payments gateway, we're replacing several different tools. For small companies, this is easy. For large companies, its a huge process. We're waiting that fee (it requires us to dedicated resources). If we waive it when you signup, we'll never charge it in the future.

    Matched processing -- forever. We'll never hike the price.

    Bolt Fee -- typically a very low single digit %. Pricing varies depending on volume, risk, and a number of different factors given the complexity of payments (and that we're taking on full liability). But after a short call we provide a very simple flat rate with no BS. As much as we'd like to do one price, given the nature of our product, it's just not viable at this time. Stripe and other payment processors, take on no liability on behalf of your business. So it's easier for them to give simple pricing. If you're a victim of fraud, you're paying the bills, not them.

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  • Posted to Bolt, in reply to Jimmy Hooker , Jan 24, 2018

    CEO of Bolt here. Jimmy -- that's pretty spot on. And thanks for having us on here!

    Before launching, we A/B tested a number of different sales strategies. I'm a dev myself and 100% agreed with Jon above. Wanted flat rates, self-onboarding, etc. That rarely worked with our target demographic which required a more traditional sales methodology. The latter worked much better.

    So, for now, we're doing what works. Hopefully can simplify things as time goes on.

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