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  • Posted to The Subjective Experience of Enjoying Art, May 29, 2018

    thank you for sharing! what a refreshing start into the day. „...along came Dadaists for the necessary reality check, to keep everyone on their toes“. how beautifully described - duchamp is my kind of hero.

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  • Posted to Design systems will replace design jobs, May 22, 2018

    cars and design - good example. interior designers, sound designers, fraigrence designers, light designers, mood designers, not even starting to talk about the interfaces like headup, displays, gestures, voice. in situations where there is a lot of similarity in function (four wheels, driving, etc), design is exactly what makes the difference. ask bmw. and sorry for my english.

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  • Posted to My First Open Source Javascript Game!, Jan 23, 2018

    thank you for killing my productivity ;)

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