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  • Posted to User Sign-ups, in reply to B Lastname , Jun 27, 2014

    To answer your points :

    Re: pricing - We're testing with new customers a pricing structure that's more adapted to this. We didn't reflect this on our public site yet.

    Re: focus We rely on transactional email infrastructure so we actually offer the full benefit of those services including deliverability, performance and scalability. What we add on top of this is a service to manage user identity and segment the user base to set up trigger email with a lot more flexibility and power than every lifecycle email company / crm out there. And we also allow to send Facebook app notifications using the same workflow if you signed up users with Facebook

    Re: coding You only need a bit of JavaScript and for non coders we have HTML components that package all of this. So front-end devs can do everything without setting up a server, databases and handling the edge cases, security and so on.

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  • Posted to User Sign-ups, Jun 25, 2014

    You could use (disclaimer: I work there) to have a user identity layer in minutes w/o backend code and let them create accounts (even just by inputting an email) instead of just filling a list which you will have to convert later. Our product will let you send great reengagement/lifecycle emails afterwards

    As a bonus you could offer Facebook/github/whatever signup too.

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  • Posted to Flattery, Mar 13, 2013

    @Jeff I don't quite agree with your stance. I posted a response to Sacha's post about this precisely :

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