Evan Travers

Evan Travers

UX Developer at GradesFirst Joined over 6 years ago via an invitation from Mike H.

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  • Posted to The Geometry of Starship Design, Sep 10, 2014

    Thank you for this link! This pretty much made my day.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Vim users, what is your setup?, Sep 09, 2014

    my setup

    I've been using vim full time since my second year in college, I think at least five years. I've done python, php, c++, c, ruby… everything lives in vim. I wrote most of my school papers in vim. I'm a little obsessed. :P

    I use vim full time in the terminal. I like the fact that it prevents distraction, and encourages me to focus.

    My .vimrc is on my github here, along with all the rest of my dotfiles. I usually use one of the base16 color schemes, but these days I'm pretty happy using seoul256.

    I use a lot of plugins… but fairly conditionally. Recently I started using VimPlug to only load the ones I'm using right now or when I invoke them. Helps just a little bit with startup time on a slow computer, although a slow vim is still lightspeed compared to ST2.

    If anyone has any questions… feel free to shoot them my way. I like helping people. :)

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