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  • Posted to Fantastical 2 for Mac, Mar 27, 2015

    I really love Fantastical 1. I do not enjoy the Fantastical 2. I see a lot of compliments towards this app in this thread, and while I do agree the visual language is beautiful, its execution is a little lacking.

    Everything seems incredibly high-contrast, particularly with dark shades of gray and black. The sidebar is a mess. I found myself instantly wanting to close the app because of the anxiety it gave me. I just wasn't sure where I should focus and when trying to concentrate on my week view, my eyes go right back to the sidebar (even with the light theme).

    I will stick with my skeu fantastical 1 menu bar item. I know it's hard to please everyone :)

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  • Posted to Site Design: New Treehouse, Mar 19, 2015

    I really dig this, overall. It's clean, the copy is great, but there's a thing missing. Their last design featured more of the human element.

    It's true that their current masthead is more successful at communicating their mission: to teach and inspire. But the lack of that human element almost makes the site seem cold & sterile.

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  • Posted to Ask DN: Designers who can code: how much time do you spend designing vs developing?, Feb 06, 2015

    I find myself spending about 10% of my time in Photoshop. It has turned into my sketching phase, where I combine different elements to convey emotion & voice. Then I take it to the browser and it evolves from there.

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