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  • Posted to Designer News Subreddit, May 03, 2019

    I see the point of setting up reddit but on the other hand, a different context changes how people interact... I'm afraid that our communication will be karma-driven, filled with corny reddit jokes from now on.

    Damn we had something special in here. How come Hacker News can work so well and Designer News not?

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  • Posted to I designed and built a habit tracking app for iOS. What do you think? , Jan 15, 2019

    Very great looking and easy to understand app!

    The problem with most todos I have is that after a while marking my progress every day in an app seems to be pointless - all that effort into putting information every day for let's say a year and what for? Also, most todos try to mix up area where the user enters the data and reads it. You already made the input area very cool, maybe now you could focus on area where the user would interpret it? Maybe you can take a cue from Stocks and Health apps where Apple built really clear and interactive graphs. Also, Battery section in Settings is neat.

    Ah, one more tip - when tapping on a todo with an intention to add a note I feel that I'm editing that todo globally. That this note belongs not to that particular date but to that particular todo forever.

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  • Posted to Does anyone still use RSS readers? Looking for feedback!, Aug 02, 2018

    Feedly + Reeder on both macOS and iOS, favorite blogs, youtube channels. Love it.

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  • Posted to What backpack are you rocking?, Jul 18, 2018

    Mission Workshop Fitzroy. It's amazing and this might be the best purchase I ever made. It's super comfortable, looks great, it's water-resistant (I live and the Netherlands so I cycle a lot, sometimes in the rain. I'm never worried about my laptop.), durable, has a lifetime warranty and it's design just makes sense. I highly recommend it. I love cycling with it, I love traveling with it, heck even doing groceries is great because it can expand it's capacity thanks to the clever usage of belts to close the backpack.

    If I ever lose it I won't even consider buying anything else - it's just a perfect match for me.

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  • Posted to Apple updates MacBook Pro with faster performance and new features for pros, Jul 17, 2018

    32gb should be a standard in 15' model... and they are charging 480 euros for it :(

    But other than that - I think it's finally time for an upgrade from 2015 model.

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  • Posted to Can everyone be a designer?, Jun 22, 2018

    Everyone who likes good design can be a designer. If someone doesn't care then not. Applicable to any field.

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  • Posted to Anyone Using A 43" Monitor For Work?, May 14, 2018

    I think it might be a bit too big. I'm using Dell up3216q which is 32 inch 4k screen and this size already was something I had to get used to. I'm working with UI design, front-end development, and music production. In all of those cases, I never felt that I'm lacking screen estate. When working with Sketch I even deliberately make window like 2/3 size of the screen so that I don't have to turn my head to reach all the option Sketch provides.

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  • Posted to What is the best ergonomic mouse for macOS?, in reply to Alejandro Camara , Mar 22, 2018


    I bought MX 2S but after 2 weeks I returned to magic mouse. Scrolling is still inferior to scrolling on magic mouse, where the experience feels native and snappy (with MX for some reason the view has to catch up while on MM it's always there). Additionally, I work with a timeline a lot (premiere pro, ableton) and large Sketch files and it was really frustrating to scroll horizontally. Even on fastest setting it was wayyyy to slow. Not to mention that MX cannot match how nicely it is to switch desktops using gestures. I also felt that MX is too loud and it's fancy wheel is a gimmick.

    It's indeed very ergonomic though and I with MM could match that one day...

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  • Posted to What's in your bag?, Dec 29, 2017

    In my Mission Workshop Fitzroy backpack: - MacBook Pro 15 - Magic Mouse 2 (tried mx master 2s but after 2 weeks returned to good ol' MM) - Sony 1000X - Firefly 2 - Mophie Powerstation Plus - Eyedrops - Cables

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