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  • Posted to Sketch 56 is available now!, in reply to Ryan W , Jul 23, 2019

    I hear that from more and more people. I never had big problems with Sketch, but I also have to admit I have a quite high-end iMac. It's sad to see that Sketch is falling behind.

    Also Sketch clearly has to work on the collaboration features! Other apps are better here and even multi platform. Let's see how the new Sketch Teams will perform.

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  • Posted to DN mobile app - when?, in reply to Tom Green , Jan 02, 2019

    +1 Nice to have this propt on the first visit, but the current buggy mess is just annoying.

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  • Posted to New web tool that lets you create and download organic svg shapes, Jan 02, 2019

    What a nice and simple tool. Would be a nice Sketch Plug-In!

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  • Posted to Evolving the Firefox Brand , in reply to Tropical Hooch , Jul 31, 2018

    Jep +1 for System 2.

    Though the icons for new apps & services look better in System 1, but sure they don't fit together in this state.

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  • Posted to What is this icon in sketch app? (bitmap icon + slice knife), Jul 31, 2018

    When you mark any asset as exportable you get the slice knife. It's just an indicator.

    Layers that have been made exportable will make themselves known in the Layer List, by displaying a small slice icon next to the layer preview.

    You can read more here: Make Exportable

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  • Posted to Pixel Map Generator, Mar 02, 2017

    This is awesome!! I always searched for something like this.

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  • Posted to Mac Apps for Recording Screen?, Jan 23, 2017

    For the sake of completeness Claquette is another well designed screen recorder tool.

    I also use ScreenFlow, because of the dedicated editing inside the app.

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  • Posted to Apple updates official design resources with iOS 10 UI Kit, in reply to Brent LaRue , Jan 20, 2017

    Maybe! But sadly these are just the inverted colors…don't know if this is a real thing.

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  • Posted to Apple updates official design resources with iOS 10 UI Kit, Jan 20, 2017

    Definitely a nice thing to have a UI Kit from the creators itself, and also for Sketch! Though the Kit isn't that super comprehensive. The split in so many Sketch Files is a bit "confusing". I prefer one big Sketch file I can search in, to copy the elements I need.

    Also I miss some iPad specific content like Popovers or iPad Keyboards!

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  • Posted to Any good DN iOS apps left out there?, Nov 07, 2016

    Good question!!

    I'm currently still using Designer News by MengTo, but it's neither universal nor under active development…the last commit is over a year old.

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